[linux-elitists] Why are boring Randroids meta-news material?

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Jun 19 08:52:43 PDT 2003

Suckdot said it best.  "Linux Possibly Defamed Somewhere"

What makes Suckdot funny is that it does exactly what Linux
meta-news sites do to anti-Linux articles -- whether or not
those articles make any new points or convey any new information.
Almost every new anti-Linux article in the mainstream IT media is
just a paraphrase of the dumb arguments from "Some Easily Rebutted
Objections to GNU's Goals" from Stallman's original GNU Manifesto.

So why are Linux sites throwing their Google juice, and their
readers' attention, at the same old BS every time it appears on a
new site in a slightly different form?

Responsible journalists have a responsibility to present opposing
points of view.  I'm would never say that only agreeable,
non-controversial, happytalk articles should show up on meta-news
sites and other online fora.  But meta-news editors already hold
the articles from our own side to a reasonably high standard of
accuracy and novelty, and should start applying the same filter to
articles from the side of evil.

A separate "FUD Watch" site or track would be the place to put
this kind of crap, for those people who want to turn banner ads
off and go get into a flame war with an "intellectual property"
fanatic on a web form.  But that isn't most people's idea of fun.

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