[linux-elitists] EU software patents

Mikael Pawlo mikael@pawlo.com
Tue Jun 17 14:56:47 PDT 2003

Hi Elitists,
Feel like doing some patent cross-licensing before you start coding?

I haven't heard much about this today, but it looks like the EU is 
heading towards software patentability in a speed-boat (or whatever 
vehicle you use for such stupidity).

  The Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament today voted 
in favour of MP Arlene McCarthy's proposal for a new EU patent 
directive (well, they approved of McCarthy's report on the subject). 
The new patent directive may increase the scope of patentability for 

The coalition the Greens has issued a statement claiming 'unlimited 
patents will be disastrous for the European software industry and 

and in Swedish chef style:

Best regards,


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