[linux-elitists] Caldera/SCO vs. IBM TWiki page -- updates

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Tue Jun 17 10:05:39 PDT 2003

I'm tracking Caldera/SCO vs. IBM case developments at


From a collection of three Google searches a little over two weeks ago,
we've grown to 26 printed pages material on the main page alone, with
additional material in discussions and supplements.  Despite the size,
I'm working to keep the material focused and targeted to case
highlights, with navigation through major sections.

Thanks to Mikael Pawlo for suggesting this in the first place, and to
the people who've contributed directly and in offline emails and

For a small site, this has been tremendously successful, with over
15,000 hits this month on this section of the TWiki alone.  We're quite
popular with IBM (particularly the "Pirates of Penguinance" filk), and
are seeing strong traffic from most of the major 'Nix vendors and IT
players, as well as other companies and organizations.  Some rather
interesting.  Caldera/SCO have nosed through, though they seem to be
keeping a low profile.  The level of interest is its own reward.

I'd encourage those here to use (and add to) the resource.  It's meant
to be something that can be shown to associates, management, clients,
press, either directly or in adapted form (and our usage policies allow
this, with attribution).

If there are any IBMers here, I'd also appreciate an offline contact
regarding to additional information of possible interest I may be able
to provide.


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