[linux-elitists] The breadth of SCO's claims

Jonathan Corbet corbet-elite@lwn.net
Tue Jun 17 09:38:33 PDT 2003

> Take a look at Darl McBride's POV on how "viral" his
> license is.

It gets even better: 

	"So you want royalties from FreeBSD as well?" I asked. Sontag
	responded that "there may or may not be issues. We believe that
	UNIX System V provided the basic building blocks for all subsequent
	computer operating systems, and that they all tend to be derived
	from UNIX System V (and therefore are claimed as SCO's intellectual


SCO, it would seem, owns everything.  This is why they can put claims on
things like read-copy-update, despite the fact that they never went near
that code.  "all subsequent computer operating systems...are claimed as
SCO's intellectual property."

One could make the argument that this claim includes Windows, especially
given that Microsoft bought a license.

Given that SCO appears to have an absolute monopoly on operating systems,
it would appear that an antitrust action is in order.


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