[linux-elitists] SCO drops its bomb

Mikael Pawlo mikael@pawlo.com
Mon Jun 16 15:32:39 PDT 2003

At 2:53 PM -0600 6/16/03, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
>As expected, SCO has attempted to shut down IBM's AIX license.  The amusing
>part, to me, is yet another fun quote from Chris Sontag (as reported on
>News.com - http://news.com.com/2100-1016-1017719.html):
>	 SCO said that the termination of the AIX license means that all
>	 IBM Unix customers also have no license to use the software. "This
>	 termination not only applies to new business by IBM, but also
>	 existing copies of AIX that are installed at all customer
>	 sites. All of it has to be destroyed," Sontag said.

It is hardly that easy in any Western jurisdiction. I guess it will 
be hard for *new* AIX-customers to sign up with IBM, but existing 
customers should not directly be affected if the license was properly 
issued at the time. In most jurisdictions, SCO would need an 
injunction in order to make IBM's customers refrain from AIX use in 
the way suggested.

No, this is not legal advice.

My 0,02 Euro, anyway! .-)



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