[linux-elitists] If GM made cars like Microsoft...

tom watson tjwatson@switch.com
Thu Jun 12 06:50:09 PDT 2003

Peter Wiersig wrote:

>Tom Duffy wrote:
>>And pretty good joysticks and mice, too.  They are a great
>>hardware company.
>I dislike their mice for their monopolistic behavior. The additional
>buttons work all fine in IE, but my Mozilla-converted friends all
>complain to me, that they're not working in Moz.
oh, c'mon, their mice are the shilznick, I own 2 of their wireless 
intellimouse the 5 button jobbies, both of which are connected to my 
linux boxes. The box at work is dual boot to NT as NT is the company 
standard, so when I absolutely have to boot into NT for some strange 
reason my intellimouse wont work!  with their own operating system? I 
have the revert to a wired logitech....

...the basic process is to fling yourself at the nearest planet, and to execute lifesaving procedures when it is apparent you have scant seconds to live if you don't.

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