[linux-elitists] 1995 contract

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Thu Jun 5 04:29:31 PDT 2003

Jonathan Corbet <corbet-elite@lwn.net> looked into the void, and said:
> Well, Stephen Shankland managed to get his hands on the 1995 Novell/SCO
> contract:
> 	http://news.com.com/2100-1016-1013229.html

  From a cusory reading of the article, one quote from Darl McBride
  stands out:

  "It doesn't make sense. How would you transfer the product but not
   have the copyright attached? That would be like transferring a book
   but only getting the cover," McBride said.

  This brings up the dichotomy between the way copyright is applied to
  books (borrowing / lending, first-sale rights, etc.) and the way it
  is applied to software. Adobe's e-book format springs to mind.

  Like SCO's earlier bicycle analogy, I don't think this helps them.

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