[linux-elitists] SCO Teleconference transcript (Friday, May 30, 2003)

Andreas Thienemann andreas@thienemann.net
Mon Jun 2 08:34:11 PDT 2003

On Sun, 1 Jun 2003, Don Marti wrote:

> I was expecting this page on the SCO site
> /scosource/letter_to_linux_customers.html
> to be 404 by now, but it's not.  Wonder if that means they're paying
> the 250_000 Euros.
Well. I've been just trying to get some more quotes for an article about
this mess and found out that "The SCO Group Deutschland GmbH" has in fact
Their _whole_ website disappeared as a result of the preliminary
injunction. (Interesting fact about this: SCO Germany has the choice
between paying the 250.000 EUR or sending their CEO to jail should they
violate this injunction at the current time).
However, I consider it an overreaction to remove the whole website instead
of just pulling said letter.

Who knows what they are hoping to accomplish that way?!

Furthermore I received a call from the german press agency SCO employs
which informed me that due to said injunction SCO does not comment on
anything anymore.
But they took my email address to include me in the next press statement.


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