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Last thoughts. I was listening to White Stripes and thinking about the
source of their riffs, from old sixties stuff, blues, as well as great punk
bands like The Stranglers, The Pixies, Oingo-Boingo, X-Ray Spex, L-7 and I
think I had an epiphany. For many years I have been defensive about my own
stuff getting ripped off, showing up in other people's material. At the same
time I know who I've stolen from (or sometimes don't) as disparate a group
as Sam Shepard, Bill Hicks, Robert Klein, David Mamet, Chris Rock, Denis
Leary, Henry Miller, Bukowski, Bobcat Goldthwaite, Brother Theodore, Lord
Buckley, pretty much every original voice out there that's loud and fast.
And then I thought, what the fuck difference does it make? The history of
art prior to the corporations is a history of sharing. Of thinking together.
Everyone steals from everybody else. Artists aren't supposed to be rich.
That's why they get addicted to drugs or burn their houses down. Why they
die. They have too much money. Artists, in their heart, must share, that's
what art is. You share with the audience, you share with each other.
(Scratch each others eyes out, but about the creative stuff, not the money,
money is so unimportant.) So what's the big fucking deal? Who said it
belongs to you (or me)? I mean, yes, if it's a question of should the big
corporation get the bread or should I, I'll always side with the artists.
Everyone should get paid. Poverty sucks. But what's all this intense
possessiveness about? Most of my stuff is out of print, impossible to find.
My record, "Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll" as well as the film of the same, gone.
I don't think "Pounding Nails" is available anymore. Shit, I hope people are
bootlegging my stuff. Give it away. I like it when people hear my
recordings, see my tapes. They're better than most of the crap out there.

So, I'm not going to think when I hear someone sampling or borrowing or
stealing, that they are "post-modern". No, from now on, I'll think, man,
that's pre-modern. Before everyone got so possessive.

Yours EB

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Dear linux-elitists:

     I hope you enjoy this tidbit.

     Also, Nick Moffitt will note that I did not top-post.


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