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Karsten M. Self
Tue Jul 29 01:48:44 PDT 2003

on Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 08:54:38PM -0400, Gerald Oskoboiny ( wrote:


> The state of email standards seems fairly broken to me in general.
> Whenever I want to flame someone because their autoresponder is
> broken or something, I find it difficult to find references to
> back me up. Anyone have good refs handy for that kind of thing?

True elitists never let the lack of standards get in the way of
dismissing or ridiculing practices which are baldly misguided.

That said, ESR's email quoting guidelines are a document I refer to
frequently.  Find them with the Jargon file.

The golden rule of email is summed up in the following rant I am known
to dispense.  The last paragraph in particular.

    Please address the grammatical and structural issues in your post.

    While this isn't grade school, grammar matters, particularly if
    you're trying to get someone to help you with a problem.

    I prefer a consistency of message formats.  If I have to decode a
    message's format before I can begin to decode its meaning, then,
    with my current mail load of several hundreds of mails a day, I'll
    defer to another post.  With a sufficient quantity of material,
    rapid heuristics become more useful than accurate ones.  I've found,
    however, that speed and accuracy are highly correlated goals in
    sorting (and discarding) poorly composed email.

    Posts which are grossly misspelled, mispunctuated, lack
    capitalization, paragraphing, coherent thought, or are otherwise
    tiresome to read tend to get lower priority than those that are
    well-formed, scannable, and engaging.

    Hence, I say:  write as if you're asking a favor of your reader.
    Very often on mailing lists you are.

From the rant-o-matic, aka vafm:


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