[linux-elitists] SCO: Securities Fraud

Joe Barr joe@pjprimer.com
Tue Jul 22 19:41:15 PDT 2003

From http://www.legal-database.com/securitiesfraud.htm


Securities Fraud Law Description:  Securities law regulates the exchange
and issuance of stock shares from publicly held corporations and
privately held corporations, and the conduct of stock brokers and

Securities Fraud definition: Securities Fraud is a crime in which
securities investing or trading laws have been violated.  The definition
of a security encompasses many things including stocks, bonds,
commodities and other investments.

Securities fraud can be described as deceptive practices in the stock
and commodity markets. Generally, securities fraud occurs when investors
are enticed to buy securities based false statements. 

Examples of securities fraud include providing false information on a
company financial statement, providing false information on SEC filings,
lying to company auditor, stock manipulation schemes, insider trading,
and broker embezzlement.

--end quote--

Stock manipulation schemes?  Sure sounds like Darl McBride to me.

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