[linux-elitists] SCO shakedown to begin Monday

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Sun Jul 20 19:14:10 PDT 2003

Questions I probably won't get to ask on the call -- make fair use
of any you like.

The call info including 800 number and authorization code, is in
a publicly available press release:

Why did Opinder Bawa, your VP of Engineering and Global Servcices,
sell all his stock and leave?

With every Unix source licensee able to compare Unix source code
to Linux, why have none of them seen enough similarity to want to
settle up with SCO?

Ian Lance Taylor, who accepted the SCO NDA to examine the allegedly
infringing code, wrote, "Looking around the Net, I found close
variants of the code, with the same comments and variable names, in
sources other than Linux distributions."  Will SCO offer any evidence
to substantiate its infringement claims, or continue to rely on short
quotes from two analysts who are not professional C programmers?

SCO has threatened to sue 100% of its existing SCOsource licensees
-- both Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.  Does signing up for this
program actually increase the likelihood of being sued by SCO?

begin Karsten M. Self quotation of Sun, Jul 20, 2003 at 11:42:21PM +0100:

> How about educating potential extortion victims^W^WCaldera/SCO customers
> that signing on to any such licensing program could very well put them
> in violation of the GNU GPL, and expose them to possibly GPL violation
> litigation.

End users are not required to comply with the GPL -- the GPL
only affects those who redistribute the software.  If you don't
redistribute, you can strike whatever deal you like.

Has anyone seen any software license, anywhere, in which any software
provider agrees to indemnify any user against third-party copyright
or trade secret claims?  Jumping to the conclusion that IBM is
somehow remiss in not doing this for Linux seems to be a great
field mark for recognizing pinhead IT commentators and analysts.

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