[linux-elitists] SCO shakedown to begin Monday

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Sun Jul 20 15:42:21 PDT 2003

on Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 08:58:33AM -0700, Don Marti (dmarti@ssc.com) wrote:
> SCO is apparently beginning their generalized Linux protection racket
> on Monday.  It will be interesting to see the actual form that it
> takes, but the basic premise seems to be "pay us not to crap in
> your mailbox".  Interestingly enough, Boies will be on the call.
> Dialin number at the SCO site.
> Two points on this:
> 1. SCO has already cost too many people too much carpal tunnel
> damage.  If you feel the slightest temptation to spend your weekend
> on SCO-related net wanking, unplug the computer and go mow somebody's
> lawn or something.  This is basically what I'm doing; don't expect
> me to answer mail this weekend.  We can't outflame them, we can
> only outlive them.
> (If you link to the Charles Cooper idiocy from today, you're not
> helping.)
> 2. (the fun part) Anybody in 650 or 408 who pays up will be the
> first target of pent-up freedom-loving protest anger, and I am just
> waiting for the first company to do it, so that we can encourger
> the hell out of the autres.
> I've got an American flag, a drawer full of C cells and a bullhorn
> signed by Dmitry Sklyarov on his way home a free man.  And I'm just
> itching to try Scribus 1.0 to make some flyers.
> Fund this clumsy attack on freedom and your count of bogus lawyer
> letters goes down by one, but the count of freedom lovers surrounding
> your property goes up.  Remember, it's OK to feel anger, as long
> as you express it in a constructive way.

How about educating potential extortion victims^W^WCaldera/SCO customers
that signing on to any such licensing program could very well put them
in violation of the GNU GPL, and expose them to possibly GPL violation

The issue is this:  either the SCO license allows redistribution of
works under terms of the GPL, or it does not.

If it does, it's toothless.  If it doesn't, and the licensee is in the
business of distributing works based on, say, the Linux kernel,
including but not limited to software distribution, embedded devices,
vendor-client equipment support, or employees deploying GPLd software at
home for offsite work capabilities (this last has been specifically
identified by RMS as an example of what the FSF considers to be a GPL
triggering distribution).  Hence, any licensing program Caldera/SCO
proposes is likely to be fraught with considerable legal risks for any
potential licensee.

Just a Sunday thought.


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