[linux-elitists] SCO shakedown to begin Monday

Don Marti dmarti@ssc.com
Fri Jul 18 08:58:33 PDT 2003

SCO is apparently beginning their generalized Linux protection racket
on Monday.  It will be interesting to see the actual form that it
takes, but the basic premise seems to be "pay us not to crap in
your mailbox".  Interestingly enough, Boies will be on the call.
Dialin number at the SCO site.

Two points on this:

1. SCO has already cost too many people too much carpal tunnel
damage.  If you feel the slightest temptation to spend your weekend
on SCO-related net wanking, unplug the computer and go mow somebody's
lawn or something.  This is basically what I'm doing; don't expect
me to answer mail this weekend.  We can't outflame them, we can
only outlive them.

(If you link to the Charles Cooper idiocy from today, you're not

2. (the fun part) Anybody in 650 or 408 who pays up will be the
first target of pent-up freedom-loving protest anger, and I am just
waiting for the first company to do it, so that we can encourger
the hell out of the autres.

I've got an American flag, a drawer full of C cells and a bullhorn
signed by Dmitry Sklyarov on his way home a free man.  And I'm just
itching to try Scribus 1.0 to make some flyers.

Fund this clumsy attack on freedom and your count of bogus lawyer
letters goes down by one, but the count of freedom lovers surrounding
your property goes up.  Remember, it's OK to feel anger, as long
as you express it in a constructive way.

----- Forwarded message from PR Newswire for Journalists <push_services@prnewswire.com> -----


The SCO Group Teleconference, Monday, July 21, Noon EDT

  What:        SCO Teleconference:
                 *  Latest developments in IBM lawsuit
                 *  Details about ownership of UNIX intellectual property,
                    copyrights and opportunities for Linux customers

  Who:         Darl McBride, President & CEO, The SCO Group
               Chris Sontag, Senior Vice President, SCOsource,
               The SCO Group David Boies, Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP


  When:        Monday, July 21, 2003
               Noon EDT

  Who:         Press and industry analysts interested in UNIX and Linux
               intellectual property issues.  Linux customers who wish to
               receive clarification from SCO on Linux use.


----- End forwarded message -----

A few random data points so far on the "SCO is no longer a going
concern, just a legal lottery ticket" argument, by the way:

1. No new customer wins in their press release section since the lawsuit (!)

2. Opinder Bawa gone after selling all his stock

3. bogus partner listing: Kasenna.  "We have zero interaction with
SCO. Our products run on Red Hat Linux."

more on 2 and 3: http://www.ssc.com/pipermail/atc/2003-July/000042.html

4. Andrew Grygus: "SCO's recent behavior has made it impossible
for us to continue supporting the company in any way."

5. R&D halved, furniture valuation down 40%
(part of the latter has to be depreciation, but part is the "fewer
asses, fewer chairs" effect.)

6. Insider stock sales -- conveniently linked to from SCO's IR pages.

7. unnamed partner bails, posts to Slashdot

8. Another "why are we listed as a partner" person...

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