[linux-elitists] Competing with Linux

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Sat Jul 12 00:12:34 PDT 2003

on Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 10:54:04PM +1000, James Morris (jmorris@intercode.com.au) wrote:
> This was mentioned on SLUG and is quite entertaining,
> Screen dumps of a Microsoft course on Linux:
> http://www.grayonline.id.au/gallery/WhyLinuxSux
> Original course:
> http://members.microsoft.com/partner/training/learningcenter/default.aspx

Any chance of grabbing that as either powerpoint or HTML rather than
screenshots?  Those of us on the slow end of 56k connections can't get
through your gallery in less than geological time.


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