[linux-elitists] Re: Hacker-Friendly High-Speed Residential Internet

tek tek@pervasivenetwerks.com
Thu Jul 10 19:14:14 PDT 2003

I have been using covad, they have no issues with me running linux on the 
telesoho service they cant help me with tech support issues but i never have 
needed help either so it doesnt matter.

5 fixed IP's for $79. a month. with 384K/1.5M
modem is $199.00

Another thing that is of critical importance if your running your own services 
is that they will give you a reverse dns entry if you call up and ask for it, 
however, most other ISPs wont.

 this is now required to still send email to the clueless souls still trapped on 
the "Almost On Line" network.

Speakeasy is very linux friendly i hear but i dont know about the reverse dsn 
issue with them nor do i know their pricing. I know covad's cause im a reseller 
for their service and would also add their support is 24x7 unlike several other
"ISP's" out there.
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If you wish to check availability at your location you can do it from the banner 
add on our site.
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~ :o)

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