[linux-elitists] Hacker-Friendly High-Speed Residential Internet

Jeremy Hankins nowan@nowan.org
Wed Jul 9 09:33:45 PDT 2003

Mister Bad <mr.bad@pigdog.org> writes:

> Does anyone know of an online resource listing hacker-friendly or
> Linux-friendly Internet access providers (especially high-speed
> Internet)? In particular, I'm looking for providers who will let you
> run my own DNS, mail, and Web server at home, and who preferably will
> give me at least 1 static IP address. In other words, who will let you
> have the dignity of a Free Man instead of a tethered milch cow.

I can put in a personal plug for Speakeasy DSL, which I use and will
(let you) do all of those things.  I don't know what their
availability is like, though, you'll have to check.  The only two
downsides (among many upsides) is that their aup doesn't permit port
scanning (not a big deal, but occasionally would be useful) and that
they wont do support via email.

As for a generalized resource, I couldn't tell you.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan@nowan.org>
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