[linux-elitists] The breadth of SCO's claims

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Tue Jul 8 08:01:35 PDT 2003

begin  Aaron Sherman  quotation:
> I don't know why I'm still on this list, I guess I have to go do
> some research on how (if not mail to <list>-request, which I tried)
> one gets off this crazy thing (appologies to Mr. Jetson). But since,
> I'm being spoken of.

	There's a URL at the bottom of each post, including your own,
that points to the list subscription and unsubscription interface.
Your complaints about not being able to unsubscribe are rather like
someone cursing and wailing and leaning and pushing and shoving on a
door which is quite clearly marked "PULL".



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