[linux-elitists] News conference, demonstrations, and talks in mid-July 2003

Peter Clay pete@flatline.org.uk
Fri Jul 4 18:08:48 PDT 2003

On Fri, 4 Jul 2003, Jay Sulzberger wrote:

> has not stopped this assembly of all the forces needed to encompass the end
> of free software.

You're not convicing me with this story, and I already agree with you. If
you're talking to journalists, you will need to be able to answer the
basic questions clearly and in a way accesible to the layman:

- What is going to happen? (Software choice will be reduced, and your
private email and web browsing will not be private any more.)

- Who exactly is doing this?
 (Neither Englobulators or WorldHomeSec; it's
a consumer ripoff by Microsoft, convicted criminal organisation, and the
MPAA, the people who said video recorders had to be made illegal or the
film industry would vanish)

- When is it happening?
(It's difficult to give an answer to this one. "Ongoing" is the truth, but
doesn't fit news stories)

- Why are they doing it?
(Money. Presumption that the public are criminals and must be spied on.)

> How many fabrication plants capable of producing x86-style chips are
> there in the whole world today?

At least a dozen, I'd say; in the US, Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan,
and China. What organisation has the power to give arbitary orders in the
legal systems of all those countries simultaneously?

> How hard would it be to make our own plant and distribute its products
> after the order from WorldHomeSec?

If you've got $5bn, then it would depend on how far the writ of
"WorldHomeSec" ran, and whether they actually made general-purpose CPUs

> "Oh, we do not have to worry that the spy and remote control
> hardware/software that is in everybody's system will never be used by The
> Powers That Be, because of or several of the following will protect us:

There isn't any spy hardware in our systems, we dealt with Clipper when
that came up. (Does anybody else find it bizarre that the 90's was spent
fending off bans on crypto, and now we're dealing with the threat of
mandatory crypto?)

I've seen too many people stand up to present views that were correct and
principled, and more right than anyone else's in the room, but lose the
hearts and minds of the audience by picking dodgy evidence or threading it
together on an implausible story or simply coming across as kooks. I
appreciate the work you guys are doing in getting the message across at
all, but I think you should focus a little less on the
"WorldHomeSec" conspiracy and more on the real problems we've already seen

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