[linux-elitists] News conference, demonstrations, and talks inmid-July 2003

Peter Clay pete@flatline.org.uk
Fri Jul 4 17:18:16 PDT 2003

On Fri, 4 Jul 2003, Seth Johnson wrote:

> The result is the same whether achieved by coup or "network effects."  It's
> a difference that doesn't matter here.

I disagree - process matters, and the manner in which things happen is
also important. If huge numbers of people make an _informed_ choice and
choose DRM, they may well be wrong, but what right to we have to stop

As a practical matter, we are more likely to convince people that there is
a problem with big corporations abusing market power (as this is something
many people already thing) than that US and other governments will go to
huge illegal lengths to ban an operating system that is not itself a

> Jay's right.  We must repudiate and refuse Palladium and TCPA.  It will be
> vastly easier to act this very moment, than to act later.

I note that the Intel serial number boycott was very effective in getting
that absurdity removed. What is needed is to persuade a critical mass of
users - possibly hundreds of thousands - that the bribes they are offered
to take Pd are not worth the lost freedom.

> We can't allow our standing as free citizens in a free society to
> become subject to outside control of our logic hardware -- whether at
> the command of a privileged cabal, or of "market forces."

"Unrestricted communication and computation being necessary to secure a
free society, the right of the people to keep and bear logic devices shall
not be infringed".

What I have been trying to say is that this stuff is still in the
uncertain future, and it would be better to use events that have already
happened. The Sklyarov case, the DeCSS cases, the corrupt CDs, and the
BeOS antitrust lawsuit (which is still ongoing) are real injustices, and I
think they would be more convincing than prophecies of doom. Predicting
the end of the world is a venerable practice; but people have learned not
to take it very seriously.

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