[linux-elitists] Re: [dclug] News conference, demonstrations, and talks in mid-July 2003

Jay Sulzberger jays@panix.com
Thu Jul 3 21:55:47 PDT 2003

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003 ehensal@att.net wrote:

> Hate to be a downer in this.  I like the idea, but the venue is difficult.  I
> can't think of a draw in a stand-alone press conference for the average
> reporter, even if you held a demo at the National Press Club, which is proximate
> to many reporters but is several hundred dollars for room rental with no
> guarantee of interest.

Thanks, Eric, for writing, and for your absolutely critical help with past
actions, and I hope with this one.

Sure, 17 2003 July might be too early if this were a one time event.  But I
hope it will not be.  Reporters may miss this one entirely, but nonetheless
we will do some version of it, either in New York or Washington or both.

In 1999 we rented a room in a hotel in a hotel at 50th Street and Eighth
Avenue in New York for the First Microsoft Refund Day.  Reporters came.

> What we need to think about is other established events we can ride along on.
> Like a conference with a heavy MS presence, where we can provide some
> controversy.  This way, we become part of a story that is already being covered.
> Eric

This is a good idea.

Let us do this too.

But we need a education action which we arrange.  This is our story,
because we are answering and raising many questions, which in just about
all mass market press have been, to date, submerged.  We intend to lay out
some of positions of what might be called the
"John Gilmore-NYC-Slashdotters" wing of the Movement.  These positions
differ in emphasis and analysis from some of the positions of Public
Knowledge and some parts of the EFF, and we think it useful to get the word
out.  It would be great if some congressional staffers were to come.

We hope also to try to start some movement toward more joint actions of the
varied organized groups, informal sodalities, drinking clubs, etc. on our

Again, thanks, Eric!



> > Some of us would like to give a news conference some time in July 2003,
> > hopefully near the middle of the month, at which we would demonstrate how a
> > home computer boots today, and explain how, under DRM, home computers would
> > not permit free booting.  If there were a good place to give such a
> > conference in Washington DC we would like to do so.  If not, we will give the
> > conference in New York.  It might be possible to give two or more
> > simultaneous or near simultaneous conferences, if the DC and New York and
> > other free software groups can organize this.
> >
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