[linux-elitists] News conference, demonstrations, and talks in mid-July 2003

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Thu Jul 3 08:13:16 PDT 2003

begin  Jay Sulzberger  quotation:
> Further much time, effort, and money has been spent to force
> Palladium hardware into every IBM style peecee to be sold over the
> next few years.  If the Palladium hardware actually were to allow
> free booting, then what is the point of this large scale project?

	To make it feasible to release binaries (programs, movies,
music) that can only be played on a signed OS on "Palladiated"
hardware.  If you run a non-signed OS (such as Debian or FreeBSD),
then you lack the necessary crypto to make use of these files.  If you
run a signed OS, you have limited use of these files.

	The pernicious aspect of Palladium is that copies of Word[TM]
and other MS Windows apps may begin creating files that can *only* be
viewed on a signed OS.  Programs like mswordview or antiword would
cease to be useful, and Abiword's import features would be severely
hampered.  It seems like a wedge to drive between signed and
non-signed OSes, not a mechanism for keeping non-signed OSes from
being run.



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