[linux-elitists] RE: Robert Graham's SQL Slammer analysis (was Re: [linux-elitists] MS SQL WORM IS DESTROYING INTERNET BLOCK PORT 1434!)

Jay Sulzberger jays@panix.com
Fri Jan 31 21:30:48 PST 2003

Oddly enough, if you put


to Google, you mainly get back nonsense about a company named
"Changepoint".  Of course, that it has this name is a sign that one of the
founders knows something.

changepoint analysis

gets you better stuff, but still no decent introduction is pointed to in
the first ten pages of Google results.

Here is a paradigm case of changepoint analysis:

Consider that every tenth of a second we produce a summary of all traffic
to/from a node on the net, this summary being done in tenth second blocks.
Let us form the time series of such summaries.  Now we want to know when
something of interest to us changes by looking at the time series.  An
analysis that gives us an answer is a changepoint analysis.


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