Jay Sulzberger jays@panix.com
Thu Jan 30 11:34:08 PST 2003

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Michael Bacarella wrote:

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> Naturally they would get the technical details wrong, but
> in such a case it could have made a huge difference if they
> had provided usable information.  It's not JUST businesses
> and network admins who had to worry about this.  There's
> a good chance that YOU, the MCSE in training who installed
> MSDE 12 months ago and forgot about SQL Server are contributing
> to this.  Here's how to see if you are propagating a worm.
> Here's what to do if you are infected.
> If most sys admins don't even follow technical mailing lists,
> why would they think hobbyists and students would find the
> right information?  Didn't the AP speak to several security
> experts?  If the worm had a malicious nature, that one article
> would've been a good start to counteracting it.
> Instead people who were infected read the article, said
> "Oh, it's someone else's problem" and then selected YES
> in the CNN QuickVote, topic: Is the internet too vulnerable?
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Have a button saying "Click here to see if you are vulnerable!".  This
could be paid for an advertiser.  If viewers had already clicked through
the advertisement the answer could come back "No, you are not vulnerable,
but have a look at our fine products anyway.", otherwise the answer would
be "Yes, you are at risk RIGHT NOW.  We recommend you install ENTROPY
THROTTLE LEVEL I, $99.95 this week only, if you are a home user.  If you
are a business user please go to
http://www.erisinchains.com/A23-887AAAerdd199b."  Of course, under no
circumstances should any actual testing for vulnerability be done.  The
holder of copyright on the tiny worm has lawyers waiting.  Circumvention
for profit is a felony under the DMCA.


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