Michael Bacarella mbac@netgraft.com
Wed Jan 29 16:35:51 PST 2003

> > > While it's fun (however unsporting) to blast away at Microsoft for its
> > > security deficiencies, IMO the free software world should view the
> > > Sapphire / Slammer worm as more a cautionary tale.  This is the sort of
> > > attack which _could_ potentially hit GNU/Linux or another 'Nix.  I feel
> > > that the likelihood is lower than that for legacy MS Windows, though
> > > there are a large number of likely poorly maintained GNU/Linux and other
> > > 'Nix systems live on the Net.
> > 
> > There are definitely reasons to blast Microsoft:
> ...and this does precisely *what* to make your systems more secure?
> The on-topic portion of my post was to point out the lessons and
> cautions the free software world can take from this incident.
> Thank you for missing the point entirely.

I'll have you know that I didn't once claim to be following the discussion.

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