[linux-elitists] What if ms manufactured cars???

Alan DuBoff aland@SoftOrchestra.com
Mon Jan 27 13:01:27 PST 2003

Of course most of you must remember how people have joked over the years 
about what it would be like if ms manufactured cars, and how it would be 
simialar to their software most likely. If you have time for a laugh, this 
will most certainly fill the void.

Take a look at this article:


"But companies like Microsoft can't do to the auto industry what they did to 
the PC industry. You can't play Russian Roulette every time you stick the key 
into the ignition."

I must say that from what I've read about that Chrysler car that used 
Embedded Linux, it seemed to work a bit better than that wince. Unfortunately 
it was only a prototype as I recall and few were produced. The BMW had over 
200,000 units shiped, but the failure rate is pretty high...go figure...:-/


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