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Looks like the newly-launched Department of Homeland Security
website is hosted on Windows 2000.

(Cue lame "security" joke)

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> Colleagues:  FYI
> Today, the first day of the existence of the new Department of Homeland
> Security(DHS) , Secretary Ridge launched its new citizen-centric website
> (www.dhs.gov).   The website was designed, tested and deployed within 30
> days. DHS.gov will evolve during the coming weeks as it becomes the
> central
> place for information and services for homeland security.
> Based on citizen input and focus groups, the homepage was designed by theme
> and audience, rather than by directorates and agencies.  Main theme links
> include Emergencies and Disasters, Travel and Transportation, Immigration
> and Borders, Research & Technology, Threats & Protection. Other links are
> Working with
> DHS, and DHS Organization.  The site also includes information specific to
> four
> audiences: citizens, business, government, and employees.  Other features
> include a press section, robust feeback area, FAQs, and rotating pictures
> of actual employees of DHS.  Visit http://www.dhs.gov/

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