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Subject: inside MS Bluetooth keyboard
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i put infos and links on using the MS Bluetooth Optical Desktop under
Linux on
(Many thanks to Peter Klausler for his page and the recent Linux driver!)

The page also shows 2 pictures of the PCB in the keyboard - it's
relatively small and i guess it has potential for reuse in other context
(e.g. in a wireless Twiddler or Twiddler-like chording keyboard that uses

The "Optical Desktop" is far from "cheap" - but at least at the moment
it's less expensive then serially attached BT modules (at least from what
i know).
Does anybody know more on that topic:
 - BT modules that easily interface with uCs (and are not to expensive)
 - uCs with USB host functionality that easily interface with the
     relatively cheap USB BT modules

Also - does anybody know more about the uC (Winbond W78LE812F-24) / BT
module cobination in the mentioned keyboard?
I'm hoping to collect some more info.

best regards

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