[linux-elitists] Re: devfs and new module-init-tools

Jim Bray jb@as220.org
Thu Jan 16 07:36:34 PST 2003

> From: Greg KH <greg@kroah.com>

> >   Good. If you are going to have any variables, like devfs does, please
> > also allow them to be set and tested. If current devfs had that, it would
> > provide a way to work around the problem at hand.
> What kind of variables?  And what would you need them for?
> The whole function of this replacement would be to manage /dev, not
> handle module loading and other crud.  That's what the /sbin/hotplug
> generic interface is for right now (it can handle loading the proper PCI
> driver for your soundcard just fine.)

  In the present devfs, I would use variables to determine the kernel
version, and choose the modules.devfs version accordingly. Just hacks to
get around the problem, might not be needed for anything else. The
current devfs is frustrating because it has some variable support, but
not enough to do what I needed. If the new devfs is going to just set up
/dev, probably variables aren't needed.

Jim Bray <jb@as220.org>

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