[linux-elitists] Linux based Handhelds

tek tek@pervasivenetwerks.com
Wed Jan 15 22:23:44 PST 2003

Perhaps the zaurus flopped here in the US but it was not a flop in Japan.
NTTdocomo is rolling out a VOIP service to the next generation of zaurus's  
i recall reading and IBM is planning on pushing the zaurus into the 
corporate space with the next generation of the device.

I have bought several different types of handheld over the years and frankly 
they all suck donkey nutz. My zaurus on the other hand is a totally 
different creature, i love it, now all i need for it is a i gig microdrive.
You couldnt give my a palm or a ipaq for free, not interested.

Linux in the embedded space is doing better outside of the US than it is 
inside the US, go figure.

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