[linux-elitists] Ethicc v. Pragmatics (was: Why haven't you switched to MacOS X yet?)

Joakim Ziegler joakim@avmaria.com
Wed Jan 15 14:20:59 PST 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 16:06, Nick Moffitt wrote:
> begin  Greg KH  quotation:
> > Also no royalties on every unit shipped is a very big motivation.
> > Embedded companies usually regard initial software development as
> > "free" because over the long run of a product, it's just noise.
> > It's the "per unit cost" that is the driving factor of everything.
> > Well that, and time to market.  Linux helps out in both.

> 	But this would also be the case with something like eCos or
> whatever.  Joakim was asking a technical question rather than a
> strategic one.  What makes the Linux kernel so much more desirable
> than the *other free kernels* out there?  

And, specifically, why is it more desirable than other free kernels that
were actually designed for embedded use? Greg mentions "a free TCP/IP
stack", but as far as I can tell from the eCos site, eCos has a TCP/IP
stack that's being touted as very lightweight, etc.

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