[linux-elitists] Ethicc v. Pragmatics (was: Why haven't you switched to MacOS X yet?)

Alan DuBoff aland@SoftOrchestra.com
Tue Jan 14 23:24:34 PST 2003

On Tuesday 14 January 2003 13:45, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> However, there are some very clear successes:
> the Zaurus, iPaq, and TiVo come to mind.

???? The Zaurus has been considered a flop for the most part, they had to 
give most of the units away that are deployed, and the actual sales have been 
small from what I've heard. The iPaq is being used with ms-dos-ce on it for 
the most part, with the exception of the small percentage of geeks that 
install Linux on it. TiVo...hmmm...I would say considered a success, but it's 
not clear if they'll be able to keep their head above water over the long 

> Peace.

Likewise, with love and chicken grease!


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