[linux-elitists] Reading about the SCO stupidity on Slashdot..

Michael Bacarella mbac@netgraft.com
Tue Jan 14 07:17:02 PST 2003

> > In fact, all that has to happen is a good sized block of shareholders just
> > refuse to sell, driving the price way up and creating a windfall for SCO
> > shareholders.  Thus validating management's strategy by making the company
> > more valuable.
> That's exactly what I was thinking.  I don't think the guy who suggested
> this really thought it out.

Media manipulation is a good portion of this.  If it's good and public
that some company is trying to buy them out for the sole purpose of
destroying them, I imagine that would devalue the stock.  Wall Street
doesn't take me as being full of people who want to take a united stand
against an adversary.

But then again, what do I know?  This is why I asked.

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