[linux-elitists] Reading about the SCO stupidity on Slashdot..

Ben Woodard woodard@redhat.com
Mon Jan 13 18:03:51 PST 2003

I think it most cases it would be preferable to just change the board of
directors and some of the upper management. Most of the people that work
for the company really don't have anything to do with things like the
issue you want to address and you don't want to get the rather negative
reputation for putting a lot of innocent people out of work. Also with
new managment you can turn the combined efforts of the employees to
doing good.


On Mon, 2003-01-13 at 07:49, Michael Bacarella wrote:
> I imagined SCO to be a really tiny company, so I looked
> it up.  And it is! $215M market cap.  No major stakeholder.
> Imagine starting CORPORATE JUSTICE, Inc.  Its sole purpose
> is to collect donations from people who have been wronged by
> public corporations.  CORPORATE JUSTICE, Inc. will make it
> loud and clear who the current target is, and how close they
> are to being able to acquire a controlling stake in the company.
> A realtime counter on their web site would be perfect (We are
> approximately 3 days, 14 hours, 6 seconds from raising enough
> money to acquire EVIL COMPANY.  Help us bring justice faster
> by donating!)
> Stakeholders in EVIL COMPANY will panic, and dump stock, which
> should lower its share price and make it even easier to take
> over.  Once CORPORATE JUSTICE, Inc. is in control, they LIQUIDATE
> the company down to the floorboards, and pay back out to the
> contributors what the liquidation made them (minus operating
> costs).
> A fitting demise for SCO would be if everyone who got a $96/cpu
> letter from them instead donated to CORPORATE JUSTICE, Inc.
> which acquired them, dissolved their patents, transferred SCO
> accounts to SCO-to-Linux migration companies, and scattered
> the remains of the company into the four winds.
> Sounds like fun.  Having SCO evaporate just for pulling
> IP harassment would send a clear message to the rest of
> Big Corporate America that they could be next.
> Now how much of this is sickeningly illegal?
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