[linux-elitists] 2.5 kernels and modutils

Andrew akohlsmith-le@benshaw.com
Sat Jan 11 09:57:52 PST 2003

> The current implementation of devfs sucks rocks.  The idea is nice
> though.  I know gentoo uses it, and I consider that a big problem, and
> is why I stopped using gentoo on one of my laptops.

I agree -- I install the normal dev directory structure (with /dev/pts and 
/dev/usb IIRC) on my Slackware systems.  Devfs was convoluted and not really 
all that necessary, IMO.  A nice idea, though.

> Adam Richter has posted a devfs replacement to lkml that looks
> promising, and fixes up most (if not all) of the implementation problems.
> But the real problem with devfs, is that it imposes a naming policy that
> is embedded within the kernel.  I'm working on replacing devfs with a
> small userspace program that will provide all of the same functionality,
> as well as allow any naming policy that you could ever want.  The
> combination of sysfs and /sbin/hotplug allows this to be done.

That sounds like the tiny devfs replacement I read about on kerneltrap.  I was 
going to take a closer look at that when I had more time.


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