[linux-elitists] 2.5 kernels and modutils

Jim Bray jb@as220.org
Sat Jan 11 09:33:40 PST 2003

  Be advised that as of about 2.5.52 (at least in the SGI CVS source)
the kernel module code changes in such a way that it requires new
versions of modprobe, etc. On my gentoo system, these come in a package
called mod-init. The new version uses a modprobe.conf file which has
different syntax which is not backwards-compatible with modules.conf.
This creates an interesting situation with devfsd, which has a
modules.devfs which it passes to modprobe.

  Other than that, the 2.5 series has generally worked well for me, tho'
I'm running gentoo-patched 2.4.19 at present.

Jim Bray <jb@as220.org>

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