[linux-elitists] Worse-Is-Better vs. GNU Hurd

Adam Sampson azz@gnu.org
Fri Jan 10 14:37:55 PST 2003

Greg KH <greg@kroah.com> writes:

> But I can not find any device drivers in all of the Hurd and
> Gnu-Mach code.

Are you sure you're looking at gnu-mach and not oskit-mach? GNUMach
(at least in the 1.3 tarball that I'm looking at) has a load of
drivers ported from Linux in the linux/src directory, which are what
you'd normally use with the Hurd. 

Note that this is for very small values of "ported"; most of them are
copied verbatim from Linux, and there's a small amount of glue code to
make them work correctly inside Mach. The alternative to GNU Mach is
OSKit Mach using the OSKit, which takes much the same approach,
although they have glue for various BSDs too so they get a somewhat
wider choice of drivers.

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