[linux-elitists] Harmful things according to google.

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Fri Jan 10 14:01:55 PST 2003

Greg KH <greg@kroah.com> looked into the void, and said:

> Heh, Hurd doesn't even have device drivers!

  No built-in device drivers in the GNU Mach kernel, or no
  device drivers in the "hurd" of servers that run on it?
  Or are there really no device drivers at all? Weirdness!

> Talk about an academic dream that is never going to go anywhere...

  Well, Hurd was supposed to be "the Right Thing."

  Sometimes, "Worse-is-Better" is better, as Richard Gabriel
  said ... he was talking about the difference between MIT-style
  quick-and-dirty code and academic Common LISP development, but
  the analogy extends to the difference between pie-in-the-sky
  GNU Hurd development and New-Jersey-style Linux development.
  Of course, Nickieben Bourbaki famously disagreed, saying that
  "Worse-is-Better" is worse. (But don't believe him, he doesn't
  exist! You may as well ask the Easter Bunny's opinion!)

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