[linux-elitists] Quark for Linux?

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Thu Jan 9 11:08:53 PST 2003

Andy Bastien <lists+linux-elitists@yuggoth.net> looked into the void, and said:

> ... In my incredibly subtle manner I was pointing out that one
> reason that Linux doesn't have problems with old commerical packages
> is that it doesn't any (or, not many at least).

  Okay, so we've established that QuarkXPress and PageMaker are
  not available for Linux, and that the inferior but servicable
  Corel Draw is. But even Corel Draw for Linux is proprietary
  software. Is there an open-source desktop publishing app out
  there? Do we have to do all our typesetting in LyX / LaTeX?
  (I'm not saying that scripting is a bad thing, just that the
  point-and-drool school of graphic design has many more
  adherents in the Real World.)

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