[linux-elitists] Why haven't you switched to MacOS X yet?

Adam Lazur adam@lazur.org
Thu Jan 9 08:49:28 PST 2003

Don Marti said:
> begin Andy Bastien quotation of Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 01:15:15AM +0000:
>> Oh, did I
>> mention the battery in real life usage lasts 3 - 5 hours?  And did I
>> also mention that I can just close the lid and the laptop goes to
>> sleep, and when I open it i can start working immediately from where I
>> left off?
> Anyone got battery life numbers for a recent Apple laptop under Linux?

I get the same, 3 - 5 hrs with Linux on my iBook 700. I also got 3-5hrs
with Linux on a Powerbook Ti 400 before that.

The kernel (provided you go with the
almost-required-to-run-on-a-ppc-laptop benh tree) does the speed
throttling and all that stuff for you, pmud handles suspend/resume, and
noflushd will spin down your disk when it's idle.

Regarding somebody else's comment about putting the laptop to sleep, I
think their assertation is based on the video card issues with the most
recent generation of powerbook Ti's and ibooks that have the new ATI chips
(M9?). There's no documentation on how to put the chip to sleep, so it
wasn't really possible without support from ATI. Last I heard, ATI
promised the Linux guys info about this. I'm not sure where it stands now;
I specifically bought an ibook from the last generation with the chipset
that worked with Linux.

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