[linux-elitists] Why haven't you switched to MacOS X yet?

Andy Bastien lists+linux-elitists@yuggoth.net
Thu Jan 9 07:27:24 PST 2003

We have reason to believe that on Thu Jan 09 Shawn McMahon wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 07:09:07PM -0800, Josh Neal said:
> > 
> > Shareware. CodeTek's Virtual Desktop is pretty slick; there are some similar apps but I've not used them.
> Having to buy proprietary commercial applications to get features that
> the Free world has for, well, free, isn't much of a selling point.

You can also use Space.app, which is free (beer).  I agree that
virtual desktops would be good feature to build into the OS.

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