[linux-elitists] Why haven't you switched to MacOS X yet?

Andy Bastien lists+linux-elitists@yuggoth.net
Thu Jan 9 06:43:42 PST 2003

We have reason to believe that on Wed Jan 08 Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Michael Bacarella (mbac@netgraft.com):
> > How do you answer it? My answer:
> I rather like Adam Sampson's answer, which is simple and to the point:
>    More concisely: if I wanted to buy an expensive proprietary Unix
>    workstation, I'd buy from Sun, not Apple.
> If, like me, you're getting really tired of the question, you might wish
> to FAQ it, as opposed to merely marshalling your answers for further
> iterations of the discussion.  I've considering doing so myself, but:

I think that's a mistake.  If you (or anyone, but you're a good
example for the moment) have to lapse to dogma to handle a question,
then you're really not answering.  You should be re-evaluating your
opinions as time goes on and not reverting to the party line.  I'll
grant that your reasons for not liking OSX are probably just as valid
now as they were two months ago, but will they still be valid in a
year?  In two years?

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