[linux-elitists] Why haven't you switched to MacOS X yet?

Andrew akohlsmith-le@benshaw.com
Wed Jan 8 19:22:43 PST 2003

> The interface is certainly slower that Linux on any given hardware,
> but that's mostly because it's doing a lot more than Linux.  Let's not
> forget how incredibly ugly Linux is by comparison (KDE3 included).
> It's a trade off; a well-designed, attractive, but slower interface
> compared to an ugly, inconsistent ball of kludges that is somewhat
> faster.  (When I have to use a Linux desktop I use WindowMaker if
> possible.  It might not have all of the geegaws that Gnome and KDE do,
> but at least it isn't constantly getting in my way and doesn't take
> several minutes to start up, and that's about the most I expect from a
> Linux desktop.)

I used to be a big WindowMaker fan.  I still am, I think.  But KWin (KDE3.1) 
has won me over.  I've been running CVS HEAD for the past several months.  
While mixing KDE and GTK and plain X11 apps leaves you with a nasty digusting 
mess of inconsistencies I have to take exception when you claim that KDE3 is 
an inconsistent ball of kludges.  I imagine Gnome is the same way, but I 
dislike the mess of dependencies and "we'll make C do what C++ is designed 
for" mentality behind it so I don't run any GTK-linked apps on my system.  
With a singular UI or windowing system I think your argument falls apart.

My P3m/1G 256M notebook has KDE3.1 up in under 15 seconds from the XDM login, 
and from a cold boot I can be logged in in about a minute, but I have to 
track down what's taking so long after inetd is loaded (something is pausing 
or timing out) -- Without the timeout I could be up in about 45 seconds or so 
from a cold boot.

Offhand, I despise Aqua and all the themes for KDE/Gnome which try to emulate 
it.  If I wanted to play with translucent candy, I'd buy a pack of Jolly 
Ranchers.  For the record, I also really dislike the normal XP theme.  

I doubt people care, but the UI I run on KDE3.1 is Keramik's window 
decorations, the base (plain) KDE3 hicolour UI elements and the Desert Red 
colour theme.  A clear but not necessarily plain 16x16 icon set (again, 
nothing translucent or huge, WTF is up with 64x64 icons?!) and I have an very 
easy to read, easy to use and NOT BLUE computing environment.


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