[linux-elitists] IM servers for Linux

Jack Moffitt jack@xiph.org
Tue Jan 7 19:22:33 PST 2003

> Using XML in and of itself was a hugely smart move.  How many projects
> get started that create difficult-to-extend protocols?

Jabber may have changed since I last looked deeply at it, but when I
did, they had written their own parser for a reason.  They weren't
parsing XML, but something XML-like.  

XML is not the right tool for the job, which they correctly saw.  I
can't say I have an opinion on whether the solution they chose was good
or not.  I'm sure it has both pros and cons.

But it does seem silly on one hand to use something with all of XML's
verbosity with none of it's well-formed-ness or validation.  Or maybe
their parser does this now.


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