[linux-elitists] Re: Outlook corrupts (Larry M. Augustin)

Rich Bodo rsb@ostel.com
Mon Jan 6 17:14:00 PST 2003

> > You get none of this when you go into McDonalds.
> I prefer playing it safe when I have 8 hours of road ahead of me.
> Sorry.

That's o.k.  Back on topic, Don Marti's butt is probably better served
by Outlook than Outlook Express.  The package is larger, and therefore
more suited to his largesse.  Hmmm...is that the proper usage of
largess?  Well, when next I veer off a desolate highway into a small
midwestern town to discuss the finer points of the kernel, I'll try to
remember to take a few risks.  You know, I'll buy the food, tout Linux
over BSD, and then shove the food in the face of the locals.  Maybe,
if I remember it, I'll hit them with the key-board thingy.  That's how
I deal with those kinds of Linux situations.


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