[linux-elitists] Outlook corrupts

Larry M. Augustin lma@lmaugustin.com
Sat Jan 4 22:51:17 PST 2003

> From Rich Bodo on Saturday, January 04, 2003 10:36 PM
> > Also, Yahoo was never in the search engine
> > business.  They were in the directory business.  They were very clear on
> > that.  They always used someone else's search engine technology.  Yahoo
> did
> > not come out with a crappy product with the goal of grabbing market
> share
> > and improving the product later.  They came out with a directory &
> portal
> > product, and got blindsided by new technology that made the directory
> (and
> > all other search engine technologies) obsolete.
> Waitaminit.  How the hell would you know what Yahoo's business plan
> was!?!?!? ;)


I had that conversation with Dave and Jerry.  They were specifically not
worried about places like Lycos and Alta Vista.  I remember a conversation
at their office in Mountain View where I pointed out that those search
engines listed 10 times as many sites as the Yahoo directory.  Their
comment?  "We don't want to list all the sites.  We want to list the ones
people care about."

Pre-Google, it was brilliant, and was what people wanted.  I always admired
the way they stuck to their guns while they were getting slammed by the
monster search engines that claimed to catalogue the entire Internet, while
Yahoo did only 10%.  Of course, those search engines all generated so much
noise, they were unusable.  And Yahoo won.

But now we have google, the world has changed, and I never look at the Yahoo
directory anymore.  Although I do use them as a portal.


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