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Alan DuBoff aland@SoftOrchestra.com
Sat Jan 4 19:43:19 PST 2003

On Saturday 04 January 2003 17:12, Rich Bodo wrote:
> I beg to differ.  I contend that all other things being equal, it is
> always better to come to market late with a better product.  Best to
> market beats first to market.  Google search blew doors on yahoo
> search, who was first to market and had huge market share.  As long as
> they can keep the quality high, it looks like they will smoke yahoo in
> other areas as well.

That I agree with, and to some extent ms was not first to market, because 
they put companies off the map with their marketing...(Lotus, Word Perfect, 
et al).

> My favorite example though, partly because I am hungry, and partly
> because of all the McD's references, is IN-N-OUT burger.  The guy
> who started that joint undoubtedly saw the McD's sign that said, WE SOLD 50

Bzzt, bad comparison. In-n-Out started in '48, McD's started in '55. McD's 
chased Bob's Big Boy for the longest time, and that was why they created the 
Big Mac.

BTW, all of these are from SoCal, where for some reason hamburgers were 
always king.

I would take In-n-Out over McD's anyday (my kids would also), but I don't 
mind eating at McD's once in a while. My complaint with McD's is that the 
help is so pathetic they hire these days that they can't put the hamburger 
together properly, so you unwrap it and the bun is inside out, lettuce all 
over the top of the bun, etc...you don't find that at In-n-Out.


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