[linux-elitists] What's some marketing buzzwords for what we do?

Mister Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Sat Jan 4 00:07:43 PST 2003

>>>>> "LMA" == Larry M Augustin <lma@lmaugustin.com> writes:

    LMA> OK, I'll try the new SO6.  But I'm wary of the "new release
    LMA> is a completely different beast" argument.  It sounds an
    LMA> awful lot like something MS might say.  (As in Windows 95/98
    LMA> sucked, but WinXP is a completely different beast.)

No, seriously. I can vouch for Open Office, in that it has none of
those horrible evil German-style features that the old *Office stuff
had. It actually works somewhat like what you would expect an office
suite to work like, what with opening files and typing and stuff.

The old *Office was really, really bad. Really, really. I can't
imagine telling someone I liked to use that horrible piece of crap. I
would only do that to a really mean person, like Ferris Bueller's
principal or something.

God, those old versions of *Office were really bad and wrong. They had
things so upside-down, it was just, I dunno, just really really bad.

~Mr. Bad

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