[linux-elitists] Outlook corrupts

Michael Bacarella mbac@netgraft.com
Fri Jan 3 18:00:06 PST 2003

> >Microsoft is to operating systems & security ....
> >                                      .... what McDonalds is to gourmet cooking
> Hmmm...  Is that meant to be a slam against MS?  Let's see:
> 	+ I can get McDonalds anywhere; they're ubiquitous.
> 	+ It's cheap.
> 	+ The food's good enough.
> 	+ It's quick.
> If I just want to get some food quickly and cheaply, and get on with
> other things, then McDonald's makes sense.  A gourmet meal is overkill.
> If on the other hand, I really enjoy good food, and want a meal to
> savor, then I don't want to go to McDonald's.
> I'm not sure that's the analogy you want to make.

It's exactly the right analogy.

McDonalds food is edible, pretty cheap, pretty fast, and will be light
on suprises. If you know how to use one McDonalds, you can probably
use them all. You know what to expect no matter which one you
visit. A very valuable service, which has had a significant effect on
industry and society. Sure sometimes eating there catches up with you
3 hours later, but usually you get your money's worth.

However, anyone who just drives down the interstate looking for those
magical golden double arches will never taste some really great food
that is out there. Plenty of people also friggin' hate McDonalds. Some
people don't eat meat, or can't eat meat. It's also not the most romantic
place to take a date. Sometimes the situation also DEMANDS pizza, or
chinese, which McDonalds just can't compete with.

And the four star restaurants just aren't going to take seriously
a chef who only has his McDonalds certification to back him up.

To some people, it is the ultimate goal to get Linux to replace
McDonalds, er, I mean Microsoft.  While I wish them luck, Microsoft
does a great job of appealing to people who want "fast food computing".
Challenging them on that will be difficult.

On the other hand, showing people that there are good alternatives
to having McDonalds cater their weddings, business luncheons, etc. is
exactly what we can do now.

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