[linux-elitists] What's some marketing buzzwords for what we do?

Alan DuBoff aland@SoftOrchestra.com
Fri Jan 3 14:47:53 PST 2003

On Friday 03 January 2003 06:22, Larry M. Augustin wrote:
> Boy, that brings back memories...  A classic example of how a couple of days
> of hacking can create something that's "good enough" that it lasts for a
> *long* time.

I still remember the script was called mkq (make quote).

I thought my scripts were something that was "good enough" for VA also, but 
they stayed in use for about 1.5 years. Originally they were only supposed to 
be used for a month or two.

Your quote script beat that by a mile though, it was probably used for about 
4 years at least, heck I'd really think it was funny if VA *or* California 
Digital were using mkq to this day...I mean, I can actually see Doug using 
sed, awk, grep, emacs, and mkq once again at California Digital...:-/


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